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No matter our age, status, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, or job, we can sense that some parts of our lives are led by other people or by a system in which we often feel trapped.

NOT YOUR SUB® is a symbol of disruption. It invites you to question, challenge and interrupt the continuation of what you do not welcome in your life.

Whether you're an introvert who keeps things to yourself but secretly wants to scream at the top of your lungs, or the one who has their middle fingers up in the air both loud and proud, this one's for you.

Because we all have that flame. Be it from a single spark or a blazing fire, we're all searching for more, we're all sick and tired of something and we all want to express ourselves. Perhaps we can allow the fire to run free?

We know the world doesn’t need another brand. Our only hope is that ours inspire you to express yourself, speak up, and dare to disrupt the non-sense in your life. #wearenotyoursub